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Sizes on a stock; 140x200cm, 140x220cm, 150x210cm, 150x220, 200x200cm, 200x230cm, 240x220cm, 220x230cm, 260x220cm, 274x234cm, 254x290cm.

For children: Baby size 70x100cm. Children size 100x140cm. Pillow 35x50cm.

Fill: Icelandic eiderdown, disinfected with environmentally Rodalon and washed with special soap for down. Guaranteed and seald by Eiderdown Quality Control of Iceland.

Condition: New eiderdown duvet direct from Icelandic nature. Storage bag included.

Outer layer: 100% cotton; down-proof fabric

Pattern Type: Patchwork

Fabric Density: 1000TC

Construction: 4-way baffle box, gusseted sidewall.

Finish: Double stitching with white piping.

Care Instructions: Professional laundry recommended with 30 C°.

Country of manufacture: Made in Iceland, Ytri-Nýpur, 690 Vopnafjörður.

Shipping: Free international shipping with***

Sértilboð á Íslandi. Vinsamlegast hafið samband.

USA Size Filling Price
US Twin, light 175x220cm, (68"x86") 770g 3,430USD
US Twin, medium 175x220cm, (68"x86") 905g 3,950USD
US Full, light 205x220cm,(81"x86") 900g 3,950UDS
US Full, medium 205x202cm,(81"x86") 1060g 4,530USD
US Queen, light 235x225cm,(92"x88") 1060g 4,530USD
US Queen, light 235x225cm,(92"x88") 1245g 5,200USD
US Queen Os., light 250x250cm,(98"x98") 1250g 5,200USD
US Queen Os., medium 250x250cm,(98"x98") 1470g 6,100USD
US King, light 270x235cm,(107x92") 1270 5,300USD
US King, medium 270x235cm,(107"x92") 1490g 6,150USD
US King Os., light 295x250cm,(116"x98") 1475g 6,150USD
US King Os., medium 295x250cm,(116"x98") 1735g 7,200USD
____________________ _________________ ________________ ________________
EUROPE Size Filling Price
EU Single, light 135x200cm 540g 2,550USD
EU Single, medium 135x200cm 640g 2,900USD
EU Double, light 200x200cm 800g 3,540USD
EU Double, medium 200x200cm 940g 4,100USD
EU King, light 230x220cm 1015g 4,340USD
EU King, medium 230x220cm 1190g 5,000USD
EU King Ex., light 240x220cm 1060g 4,200USD
EU King Ex., medium 240x220cm 1140g 4,800USD
EU super King, light 260x220cm 1145g 4,800USD
EU super King, med 260x220cm 1345g 5,600USD
EU Emperor 290x235cm 1365g 6,200USD
EU Emperor 290x235cm 1600g 7,200USD
___________________ _________________ _________________ _________________
JAPAN Size Filling Price
Japan Single, light 150x210cm 630g 2,900USD
Japan Single, med 150x210cm 740g 3,300USD
Japan Single, warm 150x210cm 900g 3,900USD
Japan Double, light 190x210cm 800g 3,500USD
Japan Double, med 190x210cm 940g 4,000USD
Japan Double, warm 190x210cm 1140g 4,800USD
_____________________ __________________ _________________ _________________
ICELAND Size Filling Price
IS Single, light 140x200cm 560g 2,630USD
IS Single, medium 140x200cm. 660g 3,000USD
IS Single, warm 140x200cm 800g 3,530USD
IS Single L. light 140x220cm 615g 2,840USD
IS Single L. medium 140x220cm 725g 3,250USD
IS Single L. warm 140x220cm 880g 3,440USD
IS Double, light 200x220cm 880g 3,850USD
IS Double, medium 200x220cm 1035g 4,430USD
IS Double, warm 200x220cm 1255g 5,270USD
IS Queen, light 220x220cm 970g 4,200USD
IS Queen, medium 220x220cm 1140g 4,830USD
IS Queen, warm 220x220cm 1380g 5,750USD
IS King, light 260x220cm 1145g 4,850USD
IS King, medium 260x220cm 1345g 5,600USD
IS King, warm 260x220cm 1630g 6,700USD
Pillow 50x90cm 600g 2,200USD
Pillow 50x70cm 500g 1,900USD
Children size 100x140cm 330g 1,280USD
Extra/travel pillow 35x50cm 120g 440USD
Baby size 70x100cm 175g 650USD

Other filling also available.

*** Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility

Helgi Thorsteinsson

Ytra-Nýpi, 690 Vopnafjordur, Iceland